Glenn Astro - Starchildren

"Back in the days and remember your thoughts and fantasies about space. Maybe you dreamed about building your own spaceship based in your room, maybe you asked many times your mam and dad about buying a telescope or maybe you just tried to climb up the highest tree in your district for touching the stars… Possibly today your dreams come true. Right now you can touch the stars while listening this record. Official debut extended play and your personal music spaceship named "Starchildren" was developed by German 23-year old 2-step and afrobeat producer Glenn Astro. Being one of the most interesting beat producer today as Glenn it means combining and mixing different genres, buildin’ a bridges between past, present and future of music and creatin’ rhythmes which are not measurable for calculation in your mind. It’s just for your body and soul: future vintage and a myriads of abstract electronic percussions transforming into the sexual broken rhythmes experience. You can feel it now."